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We Three Scenes

Lisa’s killing me. Slowly.

So for my next trick I’m supposed to come up with three scenes that tick the following boxes:

  • show Roti making a decision with lasting implications
  • revolve around a decision that reinforces the mis-belief
  • show how Roti’s mis-belief and his desire interact
  • serve as high-yield resources for story-specific info
  • represent highly specific moments

Yeah…so this is hard

I think there’s a dang good reason no one’s done this in blog format. It’s one thing to go through this in a Google Doc that no one sees, but can I just say that it’s pretty hard to demonstrate the writing process and learn it at the same time? It’s hard. Okay, I’m done whining.

Woah, almost slipped in a cat-air-hockey .gif. That’s not happening.

Putting the short back in short story

I either didn’t know, didn’t remember, or didn’t realize that my previous ‘backstory’ scene should have been well in Roti’s past. As I wrote it, I imagined it happening a week or so (tops) before the thing starts (and when the ‘magical’ part of ‘magical realism’ kicks off). That means Roti had a busy week in the learning department. Before I become victim, I’m going to explore each objective a bit more to see if I can get something to ‘jump’ out at me (and let’s just say that my ‘backstory’ scene happened a year ago)…TO THE GOOGLE DOC*!

*I added a Table of Contents. Find  “We Three Scenes” under “Chapter 7” and it should take you right to it.

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