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Like Stories?

So do we.
In fact, we love them so much we built a whole website around them.
But things started getting out of hand…
We realized that people don’t just tell stories with a pen, pencil, or keyboard.
Instead, they use paintbrushes, cameras, fabric, wood, clay, and whatever they can get their hands on.

All to tell their story, from their perspective.
But then something beautiful and strange happened.
They started talking.
Writers to photographers, dancers to painters, and animators to carpenters.
And the art got better.

Here’s how to get the most from the site:

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We are an online city of artists bent on telling crazy-awesome stories. Check out our missions statement and the practicals of how we carry it out here.

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Visit The District, our online gallery. Breathe in, soak up, and enjoy the killer creative work of artists of every medium. See something you like? Click on the artist’s names to see more.

3. Be heard

Incredible art isn’t magic, it’s work. This is why TPC features forums specifically designed for collaboration. Create a user and introduce yourself! Whether you need encouragement or critique, this is the place to be.

4. Read Some Favorite Posts

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Gather at least five high-res images that you feel shows off your artwork the best. Forward them, whatever text you would like to see appear by your gallery, and your Florence username to avery AT Note: TPC does not endorse any material obscene, pornographic, violent, etc. in nature.

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Positive. Encouraging. Insightful. These are the qualities we aim for in every article we post on our blog. Read the latest here.