What would a carpenter say to a dancer…about edges?

Every storytelling medium has something in common with at least one other medium. Those shared borders provide opportunities for us to learn about storytelling from entirely new lenses.
There is much to borrow.

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Or a conversation between an architect and a seamstress?

Proclivity to Congregate About a Language

Stories and language provide a powerful means for day-to-day communication, but do the forward facing social implications have even more influence over our lives than we suppose?


“Capri,” he called willing her to turn back to him, and though she flinched, she did not.

Skipping Steps

“Error on delivery” – Part 2 of the Italian Microcosms

Capri’s Father

“If I had just been less stable for him.” – Capri

Angels in the Alley

“This isn’t fair,” she said to the universe.

Playing Dead, Mermaids, and Answers from the other side (of the screen) – With Actor Cambell Dodson

People value stories. We love getting lost in novels, plays, and film productions. As someone who spends a lot of time thinking about fiction, I'm fascinated with how stories affect us as humans. I understand that on some level we live vicariously through the...

Of Sticks and Stones

Wild Patience and Catapult Art Before you start reading this, go ahead and click HERE to open a new tab to peruse when you're done. You won't regret it. Promise! Patience is something I hold close to my heart. It's the steeling of oneself amidst a raging argument, the...

Blade Runner Meets Walking Dead – Author Taylor Hohulin on TAR

Today I’m stoked to introduce a friend of mine who’s killing it in the finish-what-you-start-writing game, has a book coming out at the end of the month, and who agreed to let me feature him on TPC! Raise your paint brush, pen, pencils, or lump of whatever you’re...

Story Quest with STORY GENIUS – Part XIII

Writers, short stories, writing process, Lisa Cron, Story Genius – A time lapse series to explore how to apply Lisa Cron’s method to the short story format.

Story Quest with STORY GENIUS – Part XII

I get back to the ‘ol STORY QUEST project and start the next scene…only something goes awry!