Thank you!!

I’m stoked that you’re wanting to collaborate with me here on TPC in the form of writing a guest article. Here’s the recipe to getting published here on the site 🙂

First things first…

Does your article belong here?

TPC is about building a community of artists dedicated to wielding the power of the story against injustice, prejudice, and passivity in the world around them.

Picture yourself  walking into a packed out college auditorium. A hush falls over the room as every student stares, pens and pencils at the ready, to take in your every word.

What would you want to say?

For guest posts this means helping creatives tell stories that make an impact. Articles centered on craft development, making a point through art, addressing an issue through art, etc. are all fair game. It’s about artists helping artists.

The key is to talk about the aspect of creativity that you’re most stoked about. I strongly recommend reading at least 3-5 articles to get a general idea of what a post typically looks like.

Note that word count should be 250 words or less (this is a newer requirement).

Still in? Great!

Here’s the workflow:

  1. You and I land on a topic
  2. You write on that topic in a Google doc.
  3. The Saturday night two weeks before the post goes live (I try to posts on Tuesdays), you share that Google doc with me
  4. I’ll look over it, and let you know if you need to make changes (not uncommon) in the form of comments on the doc.
  5. We work together to finish it out

Historically, the most time-intensive period is during step 4 once the back-and-forth starts. I recommend you game this during a week that isn’t super busy for you.


1) Banner image needs to be 2000×600 pixels, or better.
2) Body images need to be at least 350×350 pixels, or better.
3) All images need to include a source link (if applicable), the photographers name, and a valid license (e.g. creative-commons).

Third Person Creative does not post copyrighted material without consent. If you wish to include a copyrighted image for which you have obtained permission for please indicate that in the Google Doc.

Let me level with you…

I recognize that this is a fairly open-ended invitation. That’s intentional. While I could just hand you a topic and ask you to write about it (which I’m willing to do if you need that), I start with the ball in your court to give you a chance to talk about your passion.

I do this because it’s that passion that infuses stories with the things that change the world. And that’s the business I want to be in.

Feel free to shoot me an email to talk over your topic before you start writing. I love helping would-be-guest posters land on ideas.