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What Is For You

You are an overcoming, image capturing, scene splaying master of rhetoric.
You are a ship with full sails unafraid of storms.
You are smart.

You are a witty wise-crack crackin dissatisfied with slackin creative.
You are the weaponizer of story to sear eyes into sight, convince blind into light, and cowardice into fight.
You make mirrors insecure.

It’s true.

This world is a bad kid in desperate need for someone to tell on it.
So tell on it.
#tattletale telling true stories…is for you.
#fighter for the freedoms of the foreign…is for you.
#catalyst calling the community up…is for you.

But you are more than a pile of hash-tags –
you’ve done your share of work filling piles of trash-bags

Deleting words and trashing canvas after canvas like spent shell casings
Re-taking photo after photo and re-loading the ability to click record
All to re-capture the truth.

Because setting it free…is for you.

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