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 Believing Different

Something to read aloud before you flip the creative switch…
or have it read to you…because that’s cool 🙂

You are a creator from a Creator
Your lens, different.
Your perspective, needed.
Your art, valuable.
You have what it takes.

You are a solider of the avant-garde.
Your art is dangerous.
Your thoughts matter.
Your words will echo.
Tell them the truth.

You can change the world.
Believe it’s possible.
Stay dedicated.
Stay patient.
Stay engaged.

They need your heart, art, and tenacity.
Your propensity for creativity.
Your understanding and perspective –
collective from the years you’ve spent observing,
lessons you’ve spent learning (and unlearning)

And this block within your soul? Lies, incendiary.
Giving in means giving up,
and regardless of who get’s the glory.
Giving up erases story.

And that’s just not for you.

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