No one should have to do what I did.

No one should have to spend two months of their lives Googling their way to a website. Even though WordPress is a lot easier than coding your own site from scratch, the task of building something with it is rife with technical challenges. That is, if you want the site to actually do anything. I mean, sure you can go find a WordPress walkthrough easily enough (here’s one), but even that one (which is excellent) is still missing a lot.

How do I start?
What plugins do I need?
How do I integrate my email list?

Because every business needs to be running on a secure website, and every business owner probably doesn’t want to use their personal email ([email protected]) to handle business correspondence (no offense to starflyer2022).

So I created a course that answers all the start-up questions in addition to the WordPress basics. Additionally, I go through some problem solving strategies and tools that I actually use as a software guy so that if/when your site ever goes on the fritz you actually have a clue as to handle it.

If you’re curious, the whole syllabus is available to view online on our new course website (Oh yeah…hey, I BUILT A NEW COURSE WEBSITE IT’S REALLY COOL YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT!! /endpsa).

Click here to go this mystical fountain of WordPress knowledge!