The End Game

Hundreds of courses taught by creatives who are supported well enough by sales that they never have to work side jobs again.
Forums buzzing with collaborative efforts to leverage the wide variety of styles and skills made available by a cross-medium environment.
Students, teachers, and even members excited to share their work in the online gallery because they know their work is valuable, crave the community feedback, and site visitors frequent it looking to buy.

I mean, why not?

So here’s what I’m wondering

What would it take to get you more involved with the forums?
If you’re a creator of sorts, what would it take to get you posting on the gallery? What would you want from the TPC community in return?
And if you’d like to teach something, what percentage of a sale would make using TPC as your platform a no-brainer while still recognizing that I need some compensation to keep the site up?

Let me know in the comments!

One thought

  1. I think it might be attractive for artists looking for places to contribute if you were to host some thematic forum parties. For example, you could put out a call for artists to contribute work on a specific themes such as contrast, bravery, etc. That would give some structure while still being brought enough to welcome visual, tactile, audio, and written art forms. And since feedback is something every artist craves, you could implement some type of rule that everyone who posts must comment on the person who posted before them and on one other person’s art.

    I also said that, while I am not planning to create a course anytime soon, I would consider using TPC for my platform if I could clearly see that the traffic generated to my work through your website increased the traffic sufficiently that allowing you to host would increase, rather than decrease my profits. I’m not sure what the numbers would be for that.

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