You guys needed a name.

I wanted something juuuusssttt cheesy enough to stick, but absolutely defining. This isn’t just a blog you read – but an invitation into a community that will help you become the person and creative you want to be.

Something simple enough to reproduce, remember, and implement.
Something that actually adds value to your life outside of this computer box.
Whether you’re creating (and wanting to give up), or on Facebook (and tempted to quarrel) – think of yourself as

A Thirdian…

Someone who places emphasis on the chief object of their worship, first, others, second, and themselves, last. Always looks to the good of others. Is patient. Is kind. Is honest. Is fierce.

A formidably vulnerable risk taker. Committed. Finisher.
An empowered storyteller capable of bringing lasting change.

Not flaky. Not the victims of a culture that underappreciates art. Not arrogant.

Because that is how I choose to see you, and how I’d like for you guys to see each other.