Spark – spark – spark catch ignite burn the blind into sight
This is wide open
Life is not ajar

Living is wide open landscapes on planets alien to NASA, and even the lenses of Hubble cannot capture the aperture isn’t wide enough to captivate glory
This is wide open!

This is drip-drip-break waterfall. Rapture. The soul
finds whole-ness in Holiness in holes in His hold this is nail pierced holy water healing Holy Father taking shame and anxiety casting fear to eternity
This is wide open

Spark-ignite-burn bright as explosions in stellar landscapes – life is canvas; it’s not about living so that your heart never breaks – it’s about loving and letting it and learning how to carry it
Life is wide open

That were not afraid to exalt His Father and the farther in His mission He traveled He felt His own soul unravel for the sheep without a shepherd.
He carried heart broken
His fashion scars stated “I love you”
So love wide open

To not sink when we are called from boats to keep
commands and to stand because He speaks water into solid ground
So let us step and let these oceans have