Photo: Chili Head – (CC BY 2.0)

Dribble, dribble, shoot swish, go and let that ball drop
I’ll be hearin kicks, snares – goin hard, I won’t stop
Concrete, court, and squeak this
Triple threat and Tweet this

I’ve no use for foul language, don’t need that to be offensive
Worlds got plenty need for bandage, speak your gospel, not defensive
Words got plenty game thats why they call it word play
I include the lyrics so don’t trip on what the words say
I listen to NF try to live up to his word-slay

Outside in public but still alone in daylight
free-stylin breathe out, give and go wordlight
No, not the word ‘light’, but a wordlight,
making dark words scatter like a spotlight.

But I’m just a candle, quiet just a church mouse
Learnin’ to shine out bright just like a light-house
But all my ‘just a’ thinking can’t justify a thought
So I put my faith in Jesus cause I’m criminal and caught

Catch, catching  – grace, I’m
Wretch, retching – taste, sin
Fetch, fetching – for mess

When I don’t deserve it,
I was fouled out,
But He took the bench for me
Let me play, now I’m subbed in for all eternity