Photo: Rotring – (CC BY 2.0)

You’re a writer.

It’s not a life you chose. It chose you.
When the keyboard calls, you have to answer.
It’s okay that you don’t always know what to say.

You’re a writer.

I mean, it’s not your fault that every one of your villains drives whatever vehicle cut you off in traffic last.
It’s not your fault that their name happens to be the same as whoever annoyed you the most in high school.
(Better be careful if you’re still in high school).

And for the characters you do like? Names are hard!
Too good, and you can’t use it on your own children.
Not good enough and you’ll get sick of typing it.
And, of course, it can’t be anyone you know.

It’s okay, I promise I won’t tell anyone you have baby name websites bookmarked specifically for this purpose.

You’re a writer.

You don’t just live in this world, or in the worlds of others.
Instead, you build your own.
That’s beautiful.

You don’t just use a handful of words to make a point.
You conscript a hundred thousand to fight for your story.
And you win.

You’re a writer.

You know that to make a profound impact on the world,
You need only to keep writing.

You. Are. A.  Writer.
You are a thunderous rumble of copy-paste-ctrl-z
Handle cliche’s like a surgeon, you scalpel and cut ‘em free
You write characters so real you celebrate their birthday
Make readers feel feels they get lost in what the words say
Write action so intense, they can’t stop flippin pages
Unleashing emotion like rabid animals from cages

You got this.
Pages, Google Docs, Scrivener, or MS Word
Whatever processor you use to make your voice heard
Know that letters to words to sentence to story
Is a process and a struggle of self a priori
It’s okay,
this is hard,

No one ever said that changing the world would be easy.