Photo: Mark Bonica – (CC BY 2.0)

I’ve got allergies.

My go to, Loratadine
For sleep, Diphenhydramine
I’ve never tried Cetrizine
I mean, allergies are really tough to get rid of…

So now I’m taking my sinuses into my own Kleenex
No Bromephiramine, no Clemastine just zeroing
my diet, ‘Whole 30’s great just try it!” They said..
But man…follow through is hard.

There’s no sugar, syrup, xylitol, no stevia, no alcohol
No wheat, no rye, no oats, no corn,
No bulgur, sorghum, and don’t even think about amaranth
(I have no idea what amaranth is, but you can’t eat amaranth).

I can’t touch colored beans, or pinto.
No peanuts, and no lentils.
No soy sauce, nor tofu,
and no dairy: I’m doing this voluntarily?
This follow through is really hard.

At the end of this calculation
I’m just hoping to end some inflammation

So that I don’t wake up in the night gasping for breath
Scare my wife half-to-death
Sleep like garbage, blow my nose
Don’t care – at this point – that follow through is hard.

But in the end this hard work will prove the point
to hone the finer points
of craft you get the point.
Whether parent or pundit,
photographer or clerk it
Doesn’t really matter what you do.

So long as you
Follow through.

You’re developing a craft
Turning vision into insight
And there’s an awful lot of things you can’t
Before you can be right
There’s a horde of no’s, and negativity
But your proclivity to practice?

Can outlast this.
Dedication to outclass this.

I’ve got allergies, and so might you.
But that doesn’t make you
to opportunities.