Photo: Stacey Maney – (Used By Permission)

Elaborate collections of a body of we

The originality
Connected succession of thoughts provisionally

We do it differently
Truth telling keyboard, paintbrush, pencil working feverishly

Comment on society
Is too quiet a phrase, we highlight the grays,
poke holes at the black and white ways
Spin story after story of trouble and glory,
to counter the chains of cultural backstory

Reality and lies – visceral
Shading, setting, tempo – missional
Adding to life – intentional
Define culture – correctional
Sight, taste, smell, touch, hear – trigeminal
Make your brain space distensible
Tolerate status quo – detestable
Allowing evil to triumph – condemnable
Making art that’s accessible – digestible

You can’t, you won’t, don’t try that’s pyrotechnical
Not okay with dysfunctional only exceptional
Spoken word that’s inflectional
Honest art that’s confessional
High standards that’s professional
Hard work that’s not – insensible
Making changes perceptible
Knowing art is perfectible
Current status correctable

But we need artists to do that.