I love NGEN radio.

And you better believe that’s what I was listening to when I saw the words “RUG AND ART SALE”¬†outside the Post Oak shopping mall here in College Station.

So I thought I’d stop and see what the art was about. I got out, approached the tent, and boom.

One of the NGEN radio DJ’s hit my ears…

Mark and Mig Mobley run the tent for a company based out of CA (he’s the one on the right, yours truly is on the left), and apparently they have the same taste in music I do.

While I’m no rug-enthusiast, I think there’s an opportunity for a creative challenge in the way of character building.

CHALLENGE: Look at each rug, and imagine the sort of character you see owning it. The more ‘fleshed out’ they are, the better. I’ve numbered them so you can type your character sketches in the comments.