The Story

Victoria Griffin, author and Campbell University softball player, sustained a severe concussion that stole away her ability to read, walk, write, and speak. During what would have been her senior season of college softball, she endured the slow recovery process.

Climbing stairs required help.
Breathing became an accomplishment.
The sound of footsteps left her paralyzed on the floor.

But those around her were left with no compass by which to help her navigate the water she was now desperately trying to tread.

She referred to these sensory overload attacks as flooding, and each attack would often last for hours.

It’s like being imprisoned in a sound-proof box with blackened windows, your intellect stripped from your mind, and then trying to talk about it using only the vocabulary of a four-year old.


Bouncing Back

Recovery took four months.

When the synthetic emotions of the medication, fear, and injury itself had finally abated,

Tori decided to do something.

I realized there was no publication solely dedicated to brain injuries, I began to truly consider how concussion awareness is approached—with facts and statistics—and how inadequate that is.
– Victoria Griffin

So she started a project.
A big project.
In fact, she’s facilitating a novel-length, literary platform specifically designed to address those inadequacies of concussion awareness.

She started Flooded: A Creative Anthology of Brain Injuries.
It’s an open invitation for anyone, through a blind submission process, to submit short stories that show, and help people understand the reality of the concussed.

Tori’s a pro-editor now, so this will showcase some phenomenal writing.

Here’s some other ways you can get involved:


The Realm of Stories

It’s like I’ve said on our about page:

Nothing throws light like a story.

Tori believes that this anthology has the power to bring that much-needed awareness.
She believes that it is the story that can shatter the silences of ignorance, and make readers feel the realities of the concussed.

And Third Person Creative believes it too.


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