Photo: Mick O - (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Photo: Mick O – (CC BY-NC 2.0)

It’s 2003 again.
I’m stressed out after a week of high school.
The guy who would go on to be the best man at my wedding calls.
Time to hit up Ft. Worth.

Coffee shop hopping ‘til midnight, finding the largest concentration of guys to play Halo with until 2 AM, and watching some foreign martial arts film until 4.

Good days.

And what did we do in the drive between?

We cranked Dashboard Confessional so loud his speakers would actually start to cry a little (or was that us?).

Either way – we thought we had it made.

So, in honor of the album Dashboard released that year, today’s challenge is to create a single work of art that that contains all four of the following elements:

1. A Mark
Could be a black sharpie intruding on a masterpiece, or a token that a character has to deliver before a bomb detonates. Or is it graffiti on the side of a building?

2. A Mission
‘Mission’ as in a Bond flick? Spanish mission? Photo capturing determination?

3. A Brand
Cattle? Company? Ideology?

4. A Scar
Physical scar from that time you cut yourself while making guac? Or maybe you want to write about a protagonist whose uncle attempts to murder his father after daring him to visit an elephant graveyard?

Maybe you shouldn’t use that last one…

The point is that YOUR artwork/story/piece has to include ALL four elements. The questions below each one were to get you thinking in the different directions you could take it! It’s up to you to decide how you ultimately will.

Delicately place it into the comments (if it’s text), and PLEASE share it on Twitter or Instagram (if you can) and be sure to tag @tp_creative! Let’s use #OldSchoolEmo for this one 🙂

Woo hoo! Game on!