Empty Stage

Living Rooms

Say I had a HUGE living room, and invited all of you over for a party.
After a while (say..after a game of fishbowl) – groups would begin to form based on common interest.

There’d be a ‘teacher’ group, a ‘student’ group, and a group trying to talk about anything other than work, but failing miserably.

The point is that even though I am the facilitator of the party I don’t have to be included on any of those conversations.

Ala forums: An online living room where you can get the feedback and collaboration you want on your projects.

Wanna talk about achieving better bokeh in your photography?
Major 7th, and minor 11th chords?
The utility of the Oxford comma?

Done. Done. And done.

To access our forums just click on the Forums link at the top.


You’ll notice that before you can post anything, you’ll need to register.

Click the “Log In” link that’s now located in the right sidebar:

Logging In

Once you click that, a dialog will appear – click ‘Register’:


Enter in your desired username, email, and the CAPTCHA field you’ll be good to go! A temporary password will soon be hitting your inbox!

That email will look a bit like this:
(Gmail users: check your social tab, and be sure to move anything TPC related into your Inbox)

Password Email

Once you log in, you’ll notice that you now have a user dashboard! Sweet!


On the right-hand side, you’ll see your username, ‘profile’, and an option to log out.

If you were to click on ‘profile’ you’d see a few things:

Well hey...

Well hey…

And this is the first place I need your help:

What other fields super cool information about yourself would you like to share?
Your killer website showing off your wares?
Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter links?
Bio? Hobbies? Whether or not you like Oreos?

Let me know what would help YOU as an artist.

So you’re logged in…

Now you’re up, running, and ready to post on our forums!


This is the second place I need your help.

Right now the forums are the online equivalent to the Serengeti because there’s two categories, two actual ‘forums’, and two tests post.

What topics would you like to see?
How would you like to see them organized?
What would actually be HELPFUL to YOU?

Ask yourself the following question: “If I could have access to 10-15 people that cared about developing my craft, what would I want to talk about?”
Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to just ONE idea. All I ask is that you make it clear how they should be organized.

I’m going to be reading everyone’s comments, and doing what I can to make sure everyone has a space to talk about what they need to in order to grow.

Let’s recap (in the comments):

1) Tell me what you need in an artist profile.
2) Tell me what you need in terms of online space to discuss the things pertaining to your craft.