Not going to be a serious post.

And as an act of good-will to prove it, I offer you this kitten:

Although I thought about it.

The title lends itself to a smorgasbord of topics: human trafficking, missionaries that work for twenty years or more without a single convert, speaking up for what we believe in…and ya know what?



But this morning as a result of spending time with God, bawling my eyes out because He’s so ridiculously worthy of my worship, and repenting/reminding myself of how much I want to be completely His….I’m feeling rather punchy.


Now would be a fantastic time to make a killer point validating your scrolling effort.



My only point in writing this is to break myself out of the ‘dreadfully serious’ category (someone from England might say…because American’s don’t use ‘dreadful’ in normal conversation), and make them a little more accessible (and, hopefully, funnier).


Because I’m not always serious, I’m not always in the deep end of the theological swimming pool (which doesn’t sound nearly as fun as a normal swimming pool), nor am I always filled with ideas that I think are great for writing about.


Nikon D5200 f/18 ISO-500 1/100

Nikon D5200 f/18 ISO-500 1/100

The truth is that I’ve been putting a lot of thought/prayer/emotional energy into re-thinking the direction of this site. It’s slight, but I made some changes to facilitate a looser feel. I did that so that I actually write things instead of waste time trying to come up with things that fit into a small box…or an envelope.

I’m working on two BIG things:

1) A children’s book
2) My YouTube Channel

I just started the second draft of the children’s book…so don’t expect anything on that front until I’m at least 29 and a half.

But what do you notice about the video?


The audio needs some work!

So I’m going to be working with my videographer (he doesn’t know this yet) to start putting out poetry with better audio quality. Hooray!

As a side note…on nearly every post that I’ve done you can hover your mouse over the #inthirds at the bottom and it displays something clever.