The scariest chambers on the planet are the four beating within the chest. Life flows through them sliding past the catacombs of memories sealed in scar tissue. Our blood dries within our veins slowly driving us toward origin dust.

The arterial plaque of darkened memories threatens to entomb us in fear. Our blood is found ill equipped to breach the sealed walls and deal with the other side.

We need a blood transfusion.

The kind that doesn’t happen over the span of hours, but over a lifetime.

He must increase, but I must decrease.
John 3:30 NASB

But what does it mean for our blood to work in tandem with Savior blood? To flow side by sword pierced side?

It means to name our sources of shame knowing that He is with us.

Going There.

Even to the scary. Especially to the scary.

To venture to the tomb of Past Mistake or Moment of Failure and carry with us the Sword of Truth. It takes work to chisel away what we’ve buried, but it’s worth it.


Because to stop the haunting you have to kill the demon.

Lies wither in the light of truth.

Consume truth, and gain vision for a Holy contrast to the darkness in our lives.

Expose lies, take responsibility when needed, and repent.

What lie are you believing?



This allowance of grace requires an open door on our part.

Immanuel. God with us.

We forget.

And so our exercise in written communication becomes more an exercise of self deletion. We write our beautiful broken selves onto a blank page and then throw down the delete key like the blade of a guillotine. We’d applaud ourselves if it wasn’t for the carpal tunnel from repeating the exercise ritual so often.

But He is here.

He wants to help.

The light of His presence that fosters beautiful belief, and the belief of truth spoken over the past brings change. We are not alone.
Ignore the presence of God, and believe that you are alone, and no sooner with the enemy have you convinced that the gold mines of your soul are filled with worthless lead.

But you and I know better.

We know there’s gold in those mountains.