I’m taking a brief hiatus from the STORY QUEST series for something a little lighter…


Photo: Dorin Moise – (CC0 1.0)

Thanks to technology, we are capable of making the most advanced to-do lists on the planet. And with those to-do lists come ways in which we keep record of our best and brightest ideas.

But what if we want to elaborate on an idea in a paragraph (or three)? What if our idea is connected to links and images?

This…really isn’t complicated.

I created a Google doc, named it ‘jot file’, and created a shortcut on my phone. This post was actually drafted on my phone, and it’s been a fantastic solve for those moments when I have a great idea, but am nowhere near my computer (wait…you totally just read that off the screenshot didn’t you?).

3 Tips

  • Keep it short (think: 1 sentence)
  • Don’t limit yourself to what you can use it for
    (mine currently keeps ideas and snippets covering poetry, marketing, stories, non-fiction, metaphors, one-liners, and this blog post)
  • Go through it periodically and delete (or relocate) anything you no longer need.

And if everyone did this then they would be too busy exploring their amazing ideas to shoot nuclear anythings at each other thus saving the world by never endangering it in the first place. Boom. I’m a genius, both for an explosive pun and for a killer idea….ohhhh I’m on 🔥

Haha, I mean, thanks for reading 🙂

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