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Eli Walters had a choice to make. He could either wait to see if Lucas was going to kill him, or he could content himself to die somewhere along the German countryside.

“I don’t get it,” he threw out the question, to see if Lucas would bite.


“If you’ve already got somebody on the inside of a place like that, why use me to plant a flash drive?”

Lucas slammed on the brakes nearly sending the sports car into a spin. He did a slight counter-steer, brought the vehicle under control, and then to a stop. He stared at Eli.

This is it. This is where he pulls a gun, and I die. At least the sunsets nice.

“What are you talking about!?”

“The liaison, translator, escort lady – whatever she’s called. She knew who I was.”

Lucas didn’t respond for a moment. Instead, he bit his upper lip, and tapped the steering wheel contemplatively. “You’re sure?” He said, finally.


“Any chance she’s one of ours?”


“Well it doesn’t make any sense. Someone knows who you are, but chooses not to compromise you.”

“What’s to say she hasn’t?”

“Good point, we should check that,” Lucas spoke casually as he took out his phone, and began typing and swiping like a junior higher trying to send an inordinately long text to his girlfriend.

“So…you can see what the flash drive is doing?”

Lucas chuckled. “Wireless payload delivery. That drive had a program on it designed to leverage that televisions WiFi connection, look for an unsuspecting host, and plant a sophisticated virus on their network.”

“Of course. Figured I wasn’t wiring up their TV to binge watch Netflix. What’s it do?”

“Hang on…yeah still broadcasting. Weird.”

“So she didn’t take it out?”

“Doesn’t look like it. Eli, I need you to think. Did the liaison ever use your real name?”


“So how do you know she knows you?”

Eli took a long pause. He was good at reading people: normal people. NSA agents were not normal people. He thought about Haley, Hank, and the fact that he needed allies far more than answers. Besides, it was a great sunset.

“Because…she gave me this.”

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