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    Eli Walters slumped back on his hotel bed. The lamp on the mahogany nightstand cast predictable shadows across the room. He exhaled slow as he processed everything he was about to do. Two weeks ago he was convincing store clerks at fancy department stores he was engaged, but now?
    He closed his eyes for a minute, but was soon rattled awake by the phone receiver alarming for his attention.
    “Hello?” He asked, taken aback.
    “I’m out front. Ready?” The voice asked on the other end of the line.
    He squinted hard at the alarm clock that read 7:00 AM.
    That’s not good. He rolled out of bed.
    “Uh…yeah, yeah. I’ll be right down,” he lied as he threw down the receiver and packed in a furious blur of activity. He barely had the sense to snag an orange at the breakfast bar on his way out to where Lucas was waiting.
    “Do you have the flash drive?” He asked before putting the car in first.
    Eli rummaged through his bag before locating the small jump drive.
    “Yeah…uh, right here.”
    “Good. Fold it into the edge of your sleeve. Security guards are usually lazy and don’t wand wrists.”
    “Clever. New car?” Eli asked, noticing the obvious upgrade.
    “Da. The Russian was done with it,” Lucas said casually.

    Eli wondered if he would have to crawl through any ventilation ducting as apart of his mission. There was a small part of him that to, sure, but needing to required more gravity than perhaps he was willing to muster.
    The three story square building with large glass windows sat secluded from the mainroad by a long driveway. Surrounded by wheat fields, Nukletech stood out like a neon bar sign in a Catholic chapel. Still, Lucas’ sports car was the only thing moving for miles as it left behind a vapor trail of farm dust.
    This was it.

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