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    “First off, let them know we aren’t here to kill them. They look terrified,” Eli started, his palms out trying to communicate they were friendly.
    Lucas translated in German.
    “Okay…now ask them if we can borrow a car.”
    Lucas stopped, shook his head, and stared at Eli.
    “They have two in the driveway. Ask if we can borrow one,” Eli pressed.
    More German.
    “They want to know why…please tell me you thought of why,” Lucas stated as if regretting he had volunteered to play translator. Eli slowly reached for his back pocket to remove his wallet. He opened it and pulled a small photo of a young girl no more than 12 years old.
    “Give this to them. It’s my daughter. We were on our way to the hospital and our car broke down.”
    Lucas translated the lie as he shot Eli a smirk of approval. The old man retrieved the keys from a drawer.
    “So was that really your daughter?” Lucas asked once they were back on the freeway.
    “Niece. Actually.”
    “I wish I had close family,” Lucas said rhetorically.
    “Oh, we’re not.”
    “Nope. Just use the picture to borrow stuff,” Eli smiled.

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