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“Glad to see you were able to get something to eat,” Lucas laughed.

“Yeah, with no help from you, what are we doing out here anyways?” Eli asked.
“Just a stop.”
“Are these friends?” Eli leaned in, careful his words weren’t heard by anyone nearby.
“Hardly. But they aren’t enemies either. Just normal people getting a bite to eat. Never ceases to amaze me how much more jumpy people get once they know an agent is nearby. This isn’t a Bond film. Most agents are far more scared of paperwork then they are taking a bulle..”

But Lucas’ words were blasted away by an impossible sound. For a moment, Eli heard nothing, but only felt a shockwave hit his chest like a sack of concrete knocking him to the ground. He was struggling to get his wind back as his mind raced with a surge of adrenalin. That’s when he heard the ringing.
He opened his eyes to a massive red-orange fire plume visible over the top of the roof of the cafe. Black smoke expanded into the air as the ringing faded into the screaming panic of the cafe patrons. Eli was trying to figure out what had happened when he saw Lucas standing over him with an outstretched arm.
“Time to go!”
“WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT!?” Eli shouted, his ears still not having adjusted after the explosion.
“Someone tried to break into our car. Can you run?”
Eli took Lucas’ hand and was pulled to his feet. They took off into the neighborhood jumping over boxwoods and through perfectly landscaped yards. Lucas veered towards a house with two cars parked out front.
Oh good. At least he’s got friends here.
Lucas tried the front door, found it unlocked, and dove inside. Eli followed, breathing a heavy sigh of relief as he felt the heavy wood door slam home behind him.
An elderly man in jeans and a plaid button-down stood in the entrance. The veins bulging in his neck told him he was not amused with their entry. His right arm shielded an older woman whom Eli assumed to be his wife. He started shouting in German.
Lucas responded as conciliatory as possible, his gaze darting between Eli and the scared couple.
“Any ideas?” he asked.

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