Background Track: Adam N – (CC0 1.0)


The legacy of sound reverberating through silence
with power to change reality, identity, and perception.

Ugly. Unwanted. Insufficient.

A spoken cruise missile to the psyche crippling our self-perception beyond any hope of ever running again.


The creative rhythms of syncopation
require no wrote method of memorization
Bypass intellect signing their names with sine waves.


The lullabies we remember after we’ve forgotten the nights we’ve been rocked to sleep.

But as any child can tell you,
Not all things whispered at night are said in soft voices.
Not all things spoken on playgrounds are said in soft voices.
The confines of our own psyche does not speak in soft voices.

And so we have our choices.

Beautiful. Wanted. Enough.

To re-evaluate what is written on our dotted lines.

Because so much of what we hear defines what we believe
And the definitions that we carry defines how we perceive
The world, our faith, our friends, our identity
Our self-worth, intelligence, and our ability
And what’s more sinister than spoken word are the things that blur our vision
Without us ever noticing, that our focusing is making an incision
Defecating on our provision, our denial is our misprision

We can choose better.

To listen to songs that echo heaven, tossing out residual leaven that has left us senseless.
Call it worship.
Giving glory to the things that actually deserve it.
Our consequences can be better.
Turning cruise missiles around in mid-flight
Watching soft-voices ignite fires on cold nights

And in your listening you might think I’m imprisoning you to only listen to my point of view
But that isn’t true – not all Christian music is worth listening to

I admit that some secular music speaks love with better artistry than “saved” sounds

I just don’t believe that something has to be Christian in order to echo heaven.