Photo: Azri – (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


The photographer whispers a story through a pinhole.
He holds a mirror in front of you, and never shudders.
He captures more in a thousandth of a second than most will be exposed to their entire lives.

If you are a photographer, I hope you are listening.
This world is starving to see itself the way you do.

You are the time stoppers.
The life blurrers.
Captivators of the moment.

But you always catch and release.
You are not selfish.

You are adjustable, sensitive, and automatic
You are a focuser on subjects that matter
Gatekeepers of light without scatter,
Recorders of life, not just chatter

In your hands is the power to edit imperfection,
Color correction,
and you know more than anyone
That this world needs white balance

Because any color can bleed.