Your size depends on me.
The stomach and tongue can conspire all day,
but they aren’t tied to your thighs, like me.
You may have had friends though the thick, and the thin,
but no one’s behind you like me.


When you were seven, I was your swear word,
and now I swear words are not enough to make me leave you.
And I’ve thought about it….butt I can’t.

The way you talk about me behind my back (isn’t there another way?)
or compare me with your friends,
or how you try make me into something I’m not.

I mean, every other relationship takes consistency, so why persistently diet my existence?See…
Diligence and patience, self-control and self-respect, and not neglect, will get you where you want to go.
And I would know.

Because it’s my job to move you.

Whether you’re, standing, sitting, jumping, running
Watching Netflix, gaming….bumming

But from a part of you that’s always been there to catch you when you fall,
that’s trusted where you were going,
having seen everywhere you’ve been

Please make sure that the thing that’s promising you happiness

Isn’t lying.