Last weekend I saw the movie “Kubo and the Two Strings” in a spectacular home theater (not mine). In short, it’s rich.

Claymation, visual effects, and excruciatingly detailed set design make the telling of this story a technical achievement as well as a creative one.

But I’m not trying to do a movie review here. The fact is, watching this movie in the home theater (and noticing all of these easy-to-miss technical details) got me thinking…

Is our propensity to gravitate towards smaller devices shuffling the values of film?

Because a sizable chunk of that film’s beauty would have been lost on an iPhone.

More specifically, will the continual increase in content targeting smaller devices trigger a corresponding decline in aesthetic detail?

Secondly, there’s the accessibility factor. Content is deliverable to tablet and phone just as easily as it is streamed to a television or pulled up on a desktop. So whenever we’re watching a movie, YouTube video, or even checking out a photo – it’s become a worthwhile question is this framed appropriately?

Just a thought there.